Winter New Intelligent Temperature Control Heating Vest USB Charging Heating Vest Three-speed Heating куртка с подогревом

Winter New Intelligent Temperature Control Heating Vest USB Charging Heating Vest Three-speed Heating куртка с подогревом

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*1.Fabric is the soul of the vest, functional heating vest.

*2.The mouth gathers heat to keep warm, and the slim fit has a delicate and smooth mouth.

*3.Keep warm and wear, wear a slim fit, not swollen, and bring you a good wearing experience.

*4.Good warmth, soft and delicate, breathable and comfortable, not easy to deform, strong and stiff.



Optional Color:Blue/Black/Gray(As Pictures Show)

Soft, Comfortable and breathable

Features windproof and good warmth performance

1.Remove the USB plug, high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature

2.Access charging treasure(Not included)

3.Press the charging treasure output switch

4.Long press the chest temperature control switch for 2 seconds

5.Red light flashes for automatic temperature control heating

6.After the red light flashes for 5 minutes, the automatic white light is Chinese control.

7.Manually adjust to the third gear, the red light is continuous high temperature heating, the green light is continuous medium temperature heating, and the blue light is continuous low temperature heating.

8.Press and hold the chest temperature control switch for 2 seconds, turn off the light to stop heating.

Washing instructions:

1.Take out the charging treasure, add a neutral detergent and wash it by hand. Do not force it or beat it. Allow the washed clothes to be naturally ventilated and dried before use. Precautions:

2.Do not use for a long time, please do not access the charging treasure. 2. Do not use hot water or strong acid detergent.

3.It is forbidden to use electricity for wet clothes. Please turn off the power and stop using the rain.

4.The usage time depends on the size of the charging treasure.






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