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Hello, our dear customers!
Thank you very much for taking your time to learn a bit more about us.


      We are e-commerce US-based company. Although our company registered and located in the US we do business worldwide internationally.

      The main reason why we started HitMint.com because we have lots of experience in online sales via other online platforms and we found some downsides of those platforms which we are trying to solve here at HitMint.com.

      One of the biggest downsides is that all of the major online selling platforms charge the sellers sometimes up to 35 % of all kind of fees and even more for sponsored listings so the sellers are not able to lower their prices in order to maintain their businesses. As a result, the end buyers pay a much higher price than the product really cost. Another downside is that the buyers should always spend hours and hours to go over the products reviews in order to determine if the product good enough. Plus these days you never know if the reviews are real or fake.

       With that been said we challenge ourselves to provide our customers the lowest possible prices by shipping them from US-based warehouses (if the product is available) or directly from overseas manufacturers. We also introduced loyalty program "Mint Rewards" in order to give back as much as possible so our customers can enjoy shopping when they come back again. All of the HitMint.com reviews are from the real worldwide buyers and nobody wants to fake them because at HitMint.com we have only one seller and the seller is "HitMint.com" which means no platform competition, if any of our products continuously maintain less than 3.5 stars review rating during 30 days period we will take the listing down

      Obviously, if you need something as soon as possible during 1 or 2 days then HitMint.com probably not the right choice but most of the time it is not a big problem if a product will come a bit later so why pay more? Shop at HitMint.com, get low prices, most of the time free delivery, earn "Mint Points" 🎁, come back and shop again 🙌

      Along with all of that if you have any questions or business offers please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Mailing Address:
2010 El Camino Real  #1202
Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA
Email: support@hitmint.com
Fax: (408) 247-0160
(please write "1202" at the top of the fax letter)


HitMint.com team wishes you all the best