SN50T3f Dust Collector Filter Turbocharged Cyclone Separator with Removeable Flange Base

SN50T3f Dust Collector Filter Turbocharged Cyclone Separator with Removeable Flange Base

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The working principle is: the mixture of dust and gas enters the dust collector along the horizontal inlet, rotates and settles at a high speed downward along the wall of the barrel, and dust falls into the dust barrel below under the strong centrifugal force and its own gravity, and the clean dust gas is discharged upward along the central pipe.

- Easily empty the dust and debris from the bucket without ever having to open your vacuum cleaner.
- It is the ideal companion to your vacuum for filtering and separating wood dust, flower, plastic and aluminum chips, and so on.
- Widely used in dust removal facilities in different industries such as machinery, textiles, home appliances, grain, coal, cement, architecture, thermal power, metallurgy, steel, sweeping trucks and personal processing centers.

Technical Parameter:
Collection efficiency: 80 - 95%
Matching fan power: greater than 750W
Matching fan air volume: 80 - 210m³/h
Matching fan wind pressure: 2.0 - 38kPa
Matching vacuum cleaner power: greater than 1200W

Accessory Specification:
Convert tube dia.: 50mm
Stainless steel hoop dia.: 46 - 60mm
Stainless steel bolt: M5 / 20mm

1. In order to ensure the normal use of cyclone dust collector, please make sure the air intake must be greater than 70%, otherwise, there will be "choking dust" phenomenon, that is, a large amount of dust into the vacuum.
2. Don't bury the suction port in the dust. If you do that, because there is no air or the air content is too small in the dust collector tank, the upward discharge can only be "ash".

Package Includes:
1 x dust collector
2 x straight convert tube
2 x stainless steel hoop
4 x stainless steel bolts set
1 x Chinese and English operating instruction

The vacuum cleaner and other devices in the pictures are not for sale.
Package weight: 0.602 kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 32.00 x 19.50 x 17.50 cm / 12.6 x 7.68 x 6.89 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Dust Collector Set, 1 x Chinese and English Operating Instruction
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