Xiaomi Shuawadi Wireless Handheld Dust Mite Controller

Xiaomi Shuawadi Wireless Handheld Dust Mite Controller

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This Wireless Handheld Dust Mite Controller comes with the idea of taking care of our health. Since it allows us to keep our sofas and beds clean with a 99% cup free of bacteria, dirt, mites, and lint.

This product works in a simple way, it has UV light that is capable of killing even the smallest mite and Dust Mite Controller almost anything with its 6,000 power pascals. These will be stored in a tank with several filters (including HEPA) that we can wash and re-use. Its proportions are 0.4, supporting a weight of 2.783 kg.

We can use it to clean furniture, beds and even carpets, it is ideal for vacuuming hair, mites, and lint. And when it starts up, it produces a sound of 65dB, so it’s almost imperceptible. It does not damage your furniture and it is very safe.

In addition, this vacuum works with a battery of 2.200mAh. This allows a time of use of 25 minutes in consecutive work and can be recharged easily in 2.5 hours.

Product Size:324*270*170mm

battery capacity:2200mAh

net weight:1.3kg

Rated voltage:21.6V

UV lamp power:6W

Filtering method:Stainless steel filter + HEPA + rear sponge

Vacuum degree;Greater than or equal to 6000 pa

Charging time:2.5-3h

operating hours:Greater than or equal to 25min

Motor speed:About 31000r/min

Beat frequency:About 8,000 times / minute

Dust cup capacity:About 0.4L

noise:Less than or equal to 65dB

Packing list

1X Mite Dust Controller, 

1X Chinese plug

1X Base

1X Brush

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