DM-HR14 200W Car Power Converter Inverter 12V DC Battery to 220V AC Adapter USB

DM-HR14 200W Car Power Converter Inverter 12V DC Battery to 220V AC Adapter USB

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DM-HR14 200W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 220V/110V with USB Port Charger for Car Equipment Smart Phone

The 200W car inverter provides you with high-efficiency power in the car. Connected to the cigar lighter or storage battery in the car, it can convert DC 12V to AC 220V/110V of the household power. Therefore, you car can provide reliable AC power for the car equipment, lighting device, electric tools, laptops, digital printers, electric razors, digital cameras, mobile phone, camcorders, speakers, TV, electric fans, etc.

1. Practical -- With AC output socket and USB port, it is suitable for many electrical appliances, such as laptops, mobile phone, speakers, etc.
2. Heat Dissipation -- Advanced inverter circuit design, intelligent temperature control fan, air vents, all of these make it has good heat dissipation when working.
3. Easy To Use -- Convenient operation, safe and reliable, quiet operation, maintenance-free.
4. Protection Function -- With intelligent protection of overload, over-voltage, low voltage, over temperature, short circuit, it provides complete protection for inverters, storage battery and equipment without damaging the car.

Product name: Car power inverter
Material: Metal
Input voltage: DC 12V (11~14V) 20A (Max)
Output voltage: AC 220V±5% (Optional)
Rated power: 200W
Peak power: 400W
Conversion efficiency: ≥ 87%
Under-voltage alarm: 10~11V
Over-voltage alarm: 15~16V
Under-voltage power-off output: ≤ 9.6V
Over-voltage power-off output: ≥ 15.6V
Overload protection: ≥ 240W
Over temperature protection: ≥ 60℃

Package Contents:
1* Car Power Inverter

At present, there are two main types of standard voltages for civil exchanges in the world: 110V (100-130V) and 220V (220-240V).
The countries using 220V (220-240V) power includes: China's mainland, Hong Kong (now 220V), the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, India, Singapore, Thailand, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Austria, the Philippines, Norway and other about 120 countries and regions.
The countries using 110V power includes: the United States, Canada, Japan (100V), Taiwan Province and other countries and regions.
Some countries use both, such as Cuba (110V, 220V), Saudi Arabia (127V, 220V), Indonesia (127V, 240V), Vietnam (127V, 220V), South Korea (220V, 110V (some regions)).

DM-HR14 200W Car Power Converter Inverter 12V DC Battery to 220V AC Adapter USB

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