Cockroach Pen for Pest Insects

Cockroach Pen for Pest Insects

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Main Features:
● Suitable for night use. On the passage of insects and activities such as cockroaches, evenly apply a pen stroke of about 2 - 3 cm with a medicine pen. After the sputum is contacted with the powder through the pen path, it can be poisoned and died
● In the food cabinet feet, bait or garbage dump, you can draw 2 - 3 lanes
● No pollution, will not be poisoned for the second time, hand contact with the medicine pen can be rinsed with water, please rest assured to use
● The medicine pen can be cut and used in sections, the more powder left on the painting stroke, the better the effect
● The medicine pen into a powder, the direction of the reverse hair applied to the back of the abdomen of the poultry, you can quickly kill the scorpions and so on
● Suitable for family houses, factory warehouses, office buildings, offices, etc.
● Note: do not let children and the elderly touch it. It is strictly forbidden to enter. Do not use it directly on the human body
● Material: 1 pct beta-cypermethrin
Material: 1 pct beta-cypermethrin
Package weight: 0.075 kg
Package Contents: 1 x Cockroach Pen
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